The Company was founded at the begining of 2013

The founders have experience in the export of peanuts & white beans to the EU

Our Founders

Eng. Abdel-Shafy Hemida

Dr. Mohamed El-Shabrawy

Eng. Sameh Shanap

The field of the company

Manufacture and export of peanut to the European Union, the Arab countries and Turkey. During the first of the year of (2013) we export to Turkey, Italy and Greece, more than 500 tons as well as import from Sudan and India.

Latest Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions

Sorting and packing station, Oam Azzam Village, New Qassaseen City, Ismailia, Egypt.

Tel: +2010 06336007

Tel: +2011 16111197

Tel: +2010 09505354

Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm (CLT)

​​Saturday: 9am - 7pm (CLT)

​Sunday: 9am - 8pm (CLT)

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