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2020 Season's Production

In spite of this years global pandemic and commercial problems , we have produced another high quality product capable of competing on a global scale and enough to distribute to many countries all over the world.

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Logistic Nuts is looking forward to presenting its organic peanuts to the European trade public for the first time at BIOFACH 2020.

The Egyptian company’s cropland is predominantly in the south of the country, close to its border with Sudan. 

LOGISTIC NUTS for agricultural Development

We Introduce from Egypt. A Company specializing in reclaiming desert land and export of agricultural products,  Such as:

(Peanut - white beans)

We Attended a number of Exhibitions as described below, And always looking to expand to a wider range of customers and as all our Customers Know, We strive in Quality, Production amounts and Decency as an Exporter to the EU.

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Sorting and packing station, Oam Azzam Village, New Qassaseen City, Ismailia, Egypt.


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